No Happy Birthdays Allowed

Birthday celebrations are banned to Jehovah’s Witnesses. The rationale: Alone Pharaoh and Herod are mentioned in Scripture as accepting such celebrations, and they dead anyone at that time. What the “witnesses” overlook is that these angry men dead at added times, too!

Below, Q= A questioner. JWA= The Jehovah’s Witness Answer. CA= the Christian Answer.

What does the Chat say? Job 1:4, 3:1-3. “His sons acclimated to go and authority a barbecue in the abode of anniversary one on his day… Job opened his aperture and accursed the day… let the day perish on which I was born.”

Q. Is it absolutely accurate that altogether celebrations are banned to Jehovah’s Witnesses?

JWA. That is correct. Birthdays are alone mentioned alert in the Bible, and consistently with an angry association a part of angry men of this world. Pharaoh, of Joseph’s story, dead humans on his birthday. Herod in the New Testament did the same, murdering John the Baptist. Alone carnal humans beam the practices of the world.

Q. What do you anticipate of the man Job?

JWA. He was a adequate and angelic man.

Q. Yes he was. Did he not beam birthdays?

JWA. Did he?

CA:Yes, we are told that he actual accurately prayed for his children’s altogether celebrations, that they would not over-do it. But the anniversary itself seems to accept met with abundant favor from angelic Job. He alone got down on his own altogether if tragedy struck. Is there any acumen for us to abolish the accustomed joys of men, even assertive men? Did not Jesus arise at a marriage while his fellow-Jews were celebrating? Did He not even accouter the wine?

More Word: Luke 1:14. “… abounding will rejoice at his birth… ” (spoken of John the Baptist)

Q. Is it adequate to Jehovah’s Witnesses to bless birthdays?

JWA. We wish to be abstracted from the apple and carnal practices. No, it is not adequate to us, but we do not adjudicator others.

Q. That’s nice. But in the argument afore us, there seems to be a bit of a celebration.

JWA. This was an aberrant case. John the Baptist was built-in of a woman who was far accomplished the age of childbirth. His bearing was prophesied of God. God was in this amount and accordingly God’s humans rejoiced.

Q. Celebrated?

JWA. If you like.

Q. I do. Is the chat anniversary a stumbling-block? Are you bold that humans are adulatory in the amiss ways, and to extremes in agreement of aliment and alcohol intake?

JWA. I accept not analyzed it in this way. I am artlessly aggravating to be acquiescent to the Society, and they accept said that birthdays are off-limits.

CA: So if there are “exceptions” in the Word, the Witness may crop a bit. What is implied aloft is that every bearing of a adolescent is an awfully admirable moment. And to bethink that moment throughout the person’s activity seems so appropriate. We see Jesus at the anniversary of a wedding. We see the Father giving to His humans times to bless throughout the Jewish year. Is it accessible that He is not present at our times of celebration?